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Fanbabies by LiLy-Sohpia-Evens Fanbabies :iconlily-sohpia-evens:LiLy-Sohpia-Evens 3 6
Snippet of Life: Takiko and Kasumi Part 1
"Usagi-chan!!! I'm going to find you!"
The sing song words were muffled by the dense foliage around her but Kasumi smiled as she heard some rustling from the right, her target getting nervous and trying to think of a way to avoid eminent discovery. The only sounds that could be heard as the bright eyed child quickly made her way through the underbrush was the drone of the cicadas and the occasional bird song. She'd learned long ago how to move silently and it had caused many dishes to be broken as she'd tested it out on her mothr. Even barefoot, branches never broke, leaves barely crinkled and without a scent she was all but invisible to the many different species that called this patch of forest home. Which is why the tiny, nervous piglet really hadn't stood a chance when the green haired girl had suggested hide-and-seek three hours and several turns ago. 
"Gottacha!" Kasumi declared as she scooped up the tiny brown pig and held her up to her chest before planting a light kiss on
:iconlily-sohpia-evens:LiLy-Sohpia-Evens 1 7
Kaioh MIchiru of team MHGY by LiLy-Sohpia-Evens Kaioh MIchiru of team MHGY :iconlily-sohpia-evens:LiLy-Sohpia-Evens 2 12 Ginger and Michiru by LiLy-Sohpia-Evens Ginger and Michiru :iconlily-sohpia-evens:LiLy-Sohpia-Evens 0 2 Michiru in Game of Thrones by LiLy-Sohpia-Evens Michiru in Game of Thrones :iconlily-sohpia-evens:LiLy-Sohpia-Evens 1 2 snapchat filter by LiLy-Sohpia-Evens snapchat filter :iconlily-sohpia-evens:LiLy-Sohpia-Evens 0 0 Strawberry Quartz War by LiLy-Sohpia-Evens Strawberry Quartz War :iconlily-sohpia-evens:LiLy-Sohpia-Evens 1 1 Strawberry Quartz by LiLy-Sohpia-Evens Strawberry Quartz :iconlily-sohpia-evens:LiLy-Sohpia-Evens 2 4 Sketch Dump by LiLy-Sohpia-Evens Sketch Dump :iconlily-sohpia-evens:LiLy-Sohpia-Evens 0 0 Little Bat Girl by LiLy-Sohpia-Evens Little Bat Girl :iconlily-sohpia-evens:LiLy-Sohpia-Evens 0 10 Sleepy Beauty - Colored by LiLy-Sohpia-Evens Sleepy Beauty - Colored :iconlily-sohpia-evens:LiLy-Sohpia-Evens 2 3 Sleepy Beauty - W.I.P by LiLy-Sohpia-Evens Sleepy Beauty - W.I.P :iconlily-sohpia-evens:LiLy-Sohpia-Evens 0 6 Sleepy Beauty - Line art by LiLy-Sohpia-Evens Sleepy Beauty - Line art :iconlily-sohpia-evens:LiLy-Sohpia-Evens 0 6 Kasumi and her P-Chan by LiLy-Sohpia-Evens Kasumi and her P-Chan :iconlily-sohpia-evens:LiLy-Sohpia-Evens 1 4 Ryoga's #1 fangirl by LiLy-Sohpia-Evens Ryoga's #1 fangirl :iconlily-sohpia-evens:LiLy-Sohpia-Evens 1 4 Awwww, Babe..... by LiLy-Sohpia-Evens Awwww, Babe..... :iconlily-sohpia-evens:LiLy-Sohpia-Evens 2 12

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look who's back with more fanbabies. This time they are hanyo children of Sesshomaru and (obviously adult) Rin. This is a birthday present for my rp partner (who plays Sesshomaru while I play Rin) and the fanbabies I've made for them.  Takahiro and Masayoshi are twins who both have the crescent moon symbol on their foreheads (though it's normally covered by their hair) while Masumi, the youngest doesn't, though she has some cheek markings. And she's got cute little floppy ears instead of the ones like her brothers.


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